L. Rhamnosus - One of the Most Researched of all Probiotics

Rhamnosus is a specic bacteria with probiotic qualities. It is one of the most researched of all probiotic strains and is known to offer many health benefits. Fine more information here...

When consumed by the mouth, rhamnosus attaches itself to the mucous wall of the intestine where it goes to work diminishing the amount of cancerous substances in the gastrointestinal tract, promoting a defensive barrier for the gut and balancing intestinal flora. It also acts as a preventative mechanism againt disease by boosing the immune system.

Benefits for Children with Diarrhea

There have been studies which show that rhamnosus can benefit children with viral diarrhea, especially rotavirus infections. The research shows that rhamnosus can significantly reduce the number of days that the disease affects children

Boosting the Immune System

Another area where L. rhamnosus has been studies extensively is to determine the effects on the bodies immune response. They produce virus neutralising antibodies that help the body to fight infection and also improve the effectiveness of vacines.

Further Research

Health organisations are becoming increasingly convinced of the bebefits of lactobacillus rhamnosus as a health prevention aid that they are promising more research into the benefite. This is not surprising given the possible benefits for public health. So expect to see more about this strain of probiotic in future.

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Further Information

More information about Rhamnosus on wikipedia.

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