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Probiotics Nutrition and General Digestive Health

boost immune system with good nutritionProbiotics play an important role in helping the body to absorb all the nutrition possible from foods we consume. If you consider the digestive process as just that, a process, then an efficient process is one that absorbs all the goodness from the foods we consume and discard’s the waste. Conversely an inefficient system will require the host to consume more food to absorb the required daily nutrition needed to function properly. So efficiency is an important concept in the process of digestion.

So what role do probiotics play in the process of extracting nutrition from foods and absorbing these into the body? Let’s explore the question further…
Our bodies are host to microorganisms or bacteria known as “gut flora” that are essential to our health. These microbes are sometimes referred to as “friendly bacteria” or “good bacteria”. They make up our gut flora have many functions that are essential to our digestive health. Reported benefits include: enhancing bowel function, prevention of colon cancer, cholesterol lowering, lowering of blood pressure, improving immune function and reducing infections, reducing inflammation, improving mineral absorption, preventing growth of harmful bacteria, fighting off diseases like Candida and eczema, and many more.

Modern pharmaceutical antibiotic drugs kill harmful bacteria in the body but also kill the good bacteria like probiotics. So by introducing friendly microbes to your gut flora after antibiotic treatment, we can strengthen our resident micro flora numbers.

Probiotic supplementation has become a common method of maintaining healthy numbers of microbes in the gut. There are natural foods that can be consumed to achieve the same result but often large amounts will need to be consumed to achieve the desired numbers. Supplements on the other hand can help introduce large numbers of the good bacteria without having to consume large amounts of foods. Many also promise a balance of different types of bacteria.

So for those who take probiotics, nutrition is usually important.

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Probiotics for Healthy Nutrition and Effective Digestive Function

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