probiotics effects digestion by adding good bacteria to the gut

Probiotics Side Effects - What Are They and Do We Need To Concern Ourselves?

There is growing awareness of the importance of good digestive health. What we consume is fulel for our bodies and the efficiency of digestive processes are critical to optimal performance of our bodies. We are all being educated about the importance of probiotics and the important role these good bacteria play in digestion. Are there any side effects that we should be aware of? Let's explore the question...

Probiotics Effects our Digestive Process by Adding Good Bacteria to The Gut

Probiotics are good bacteria that live naturally in our gut and play an important role in the digestion of foods. They also "switch off" the inflamatory process by impacting the cells that line the stomach. Some are reported to affect the immune system by changing the way the white cells and antibodies work. So it is clear that a certain amount of these bacteria is important for well being.

Today anti-biotics are commonly prescribed by our doctors for numerous illnesses and ailments. Anti-biotics kills bacteria which is the intention but also kill the good bacteria in the stomach. So probiotics play an important role after taking antibiotics in replacing good bacteria in the gut.

Is Too Much Bad For Us?

Only a small proportion of people who ingest probiotics will have adverse side effects. The most common of these is diarrhea and less commonly, some people will experience a slight degradation of the immune system. Dr Andrew Day, associate professor in the School of Women's and Children's Health at the University of New South Wales in Australia says that you probably can't take too many probiotics supplements.

Our Conclusion

We think it is therefore reasonable to conclude that ingesting probiotics is likely to offer more benefits than harm. As these bacteria live naturally in our systems, we are not introducing an annatural substance to our systems. Having said that, if you experience some of the symptoms noted above, see your doctor before continuing to take probiotics.


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