probiotic capsules

Probiotic Capsules

The demand for Probiotic Supplements has grown significantly in recent years. This is in line with growing understanding of the importance of digestion for overall health and well being. The chart below shows the number of searches performed in Google USA between 2006 and August 2009.

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The biggest growth in searches occurred from the beginning of 2008 until today. So why are more people showing interest in this topic? Let's consider the reasons...

The human digestive system plays a critical role in our health. Critical to the success of our digestive system is the ability to efficiently break down foods into the nutrient components that can then be absorbed into the body. Critical to success of this process are the "good bacteria" that live in our gut. These bacteria play a vital role in the process of digestion. However, the growing use of antibiotics is causing a real problem. Let me explain...

Antibiotics kill bacteria in the body when we are ill. However, they also kill the good bacteria that we need for optimal digestion. Probiotics capsules are often prescribed to replace these good bacteria. That and the better understanding of the importance of the good bacteria is generating demand for probiotic capsules.

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