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Infection Protection Starts in the Mouth

“Infection protection starts in the mouth,” states Professor Tagg, Professor of Immunology and Microbiology at University of Otago in New Zealand.

The big news is that probiotic gum seems to be having a positive effect for people with oral health issues such as tooth decay, gingivitis, and even bad breath. But that’s not all…

What are Oral Probiotics?

Oral probiotics are designed to protect the digestive tract from at the beginning, i.e. in the mouth. The idea is to attack harmful bacteria immediately that they enter the digestive process, in the mouth. Oral probiotics are designed to introduce friendly bacteria to the mouth, encourage them to attach to the tongue and mouth cells and then to grow or flourish.

Ideally we need these friendly bacteria in large numbers to be effective and that’s where periodontal gum or probiotic gum play’s it’s part. By chewing on probiotic gum over several days, you will be releasing the good bacteria into your saliva where they will find their way to the various surfaces in the mouth and attach. Once they attach, they will begin to grow – something that bacteria are very capable of doing.

What are the Benefits?

One benefit of probiotic gum is in the treatment of gingivitis. Consuming the gum lowers the body's pH, preventing dental plaque from forming and helps eliminate bacteria that causes gingivitis.

Probiotic gum may also significantly lower the incidence of tooth decay. German Scientists have developed products that, when used in conjunction with brushing and flossing, could contribute significantly to reduction of tooth decay.

Another study found that probiotics containing three strains of naturally occurring oral bacteria, are well tolerated and safe in humans and substantially reduce the levels of dental and periodontal pathogens in the mouths of the study’s human volunteers.
Finally, we found comments from people who have used probiotic gum that it can eliminate bad breath. One review on the website states that a man had tried everything to get rid of his bad breath and nothing worked as well.

So the research suggests that consuming probiotic gum may have benefits for oral health by attacking bad bacteria as soon as it is introduced to the intestinal tract. This may be attractive to people who may not have tried this as a form of treatment for various oral health issues.

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