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What are the Best Probiotic Supplements?

research laboratoryBackground: According to the Royal Academy of Medicine England, "80% of all degenerative disease is due to bacterial imbalance in the digestive tract which weakens the immune system".

Many experts are convinced that consuming good bacteria can be beneficial for your health. But the so-called best probiotic supplements on the market don’t necessarily have enough of the right bacteria. There are numerous different probiotic capsules on the market to choose from. All supplements that contain a different balance of good bacteria for both the large and small intestines, particularly Saccharomyces, Lactobacillus (lactic acid bacteria) and Bifidobacterium. These micro-organisms are found in large numbers in the normal healthy intestine.

Probiotics have become more popular over the last 10 to 20 years, along with vitamins, wheat germ, and various other alternative and complementary medicines. The idea of restoring our normal intestinal flora and getting our bodies into balance, without taking drugs, makes probiotics natural and safe.

Benefits: The major reported benefits of adding probiotic organisms to your diet are: boosts your immune system, inhibits disease causing organisms, improves digestion, improves vitamin absorption, detoxification and protection from toxins, diarrhea prevention, reduced risk of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), cancer-protective effects, increased nutrient absorption, higher resistance to allergies, reduces yeast and other intestinal infections. The best probiotics are more likely to achieve the best results.

Results: We have searched the market to find the most popular probiotic supplements. The three listed below have been rated based on the satiafsction of customers who bought the products.

  1. Suprema Dophilus Multi Probiotic
  2. Bowtrol Probiotics
  3. Green Vibrance
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Various on line reports show that people who use the best probiotics on the market report improved mental capacity, feeling great and having more energy.


Probiotics for Health and Well Being

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Brenda Clark is renowned for her studies into digestive health and nutrition. She is widely acclaimed for her work in discovering and formulating natural probiotic remedies.

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How to Take Probiotics

In general, higher doses of probiotic are need when first addressing intestinal problems. The strength of a probiotic capsule is measured in colony forming units, or CFU's, per capsule.

For therapeutic benefits, opinions on dosage vary widely between 250 million – 20 billion viable organisms per day. We suggest that you check with your doctor first or alternatively start on small doses and then progressively increase your intake but do not exceed the dosage recommended by the manufacturer.

Useful Resources

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Please note that it is always wise to consult your doctor for advice on the best probiotics for your specific needs. The benefits of probiotic supplements are inconclusive and insufficient scientific studies have been carried out to be absolutely sure that you are achieving health benefits.

Note also that the purpose of this web site is to advertise probiotic supplements from third party suppliers. We have not objectively evaluated these products, we are simply providing a list of products that we have found to be most popular with consumers. We encourage you to make your own assessment of these products to determine suitability for your specific needs. Please read the terms of sale on each web site to ensure that they meet with your approval.

Helping You Find The Best Probiotic Supplements
Vitabase Suprema Dophilus

Suprema Dophilus Multi-Probiotic

This multi-specis high potency probiotic supplement has the highest customer rating of any we found on the market. Suprema Dophilus also contains one prebiotic, fructo-oligosaccharides, which enhances the life span of probiotics. The capsule is specially coated (enteric coating) to ensure the friendly bacteria reach all parts of the digestive tract. Suprema Dolphilus is surprisingly inexpensive for such a highly populary product.

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Bowtrol Probiotics Supplement

Bowtrol Probiotics Supplements

Improved digestion, better elimination, less constipation, gas, bloating and indigestion according to the supplier. Promoted as a highly effective probiotic with 9 Billion live probiotic cells, which is more than five times the active cultures normally found in yogurt, but doesn't have the sugar and calories. This is promoted as an excellent choice for constipation, gas and bloating.

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4.5 score for this popular capsule

green vibrance

Green Vibrance Probiotics

This is a very popular product which is a probiotic supplement and much more. It is often referred to as a "green superfood". People who use it report better digestive performance but also improved energy levels.

This one is a liitle more expensive but has incredible customer reviews. See for yourself, click the button below...

* Be sure to read the customer testimonials on this product.


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